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An illustrator and graphic designer, creating a diverse range of illustrations and dynamic graphic designs that serve as a vibrant celebration of identity and richness of tradition with the energy of the present.

Tulips (1 of 2)

Embracing the beauty of spring this set of paintings explores the vibrancy of tulips.

  • 11x14in 

  • Acrylic 

Worked together to create one-off and series designs for skateboards and clothing items.

Start the year off right with a 2024 calendar.

The large format and illustrations will have you excited to turn the page and get organized each month!

We live in a visual world where design elevates our forms of communication. From marketing materials to digital assets, having a clear and creative visual identity is pivotal for connecting with your audience.


Let's work together to find a unique 

illustrative touch that works for you and your design needs.

Some things just look best with that handmade touch. From acrylic paintings to graphite drawings let's find which medium serves your vision best.


Illustration and Graphic Design senior exhibition showing work from the communications department at Otis College of Art and Design.


Magazine release event showcasing artists featured in issue one. Shining light on San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles based artists of different mediums.


The first art walk event hosted by Garage Art Supply. Displaying the mixed medium works of twenty local artists.


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